Returning to the Crime Scene

Huh the summer seems to be over now; winter is coming & the Khaleesi is coming to Westeros! So just a quick one to bump up our next live!

Two years ago we performed for the first time at Tracon and it was a blast! This Saturday it's time to return with a bunch of new songs, a couple of Girugamesh covers and 3/5 of new crew since the last time. Tracon Live! is outdoors in the park and free! So even if you don't have a ticket to the convention you can come to see us and some other cool bands at Sorsapuisto. Here's the schedule:

16:00 KARMIA
17:00 FÆK
18:00 DIE/MAY
19:30 Polygon Black

Here's our latest release which some of will be played at Tracon:

New Songs Later This Year

We have been hard at work in the studio last month recording 2 new songs titled 'Before My Eyes' and 'Blood Sacrifice'. For the third time we dropped tuning down, so it's pretty fucking metal this time around with Dropped A tuned guitars. (For the guitar geeks: We have gone from standard E to D, then to Dropped C and now to Dropped A.) But fear not, we have something more "pop" in our sleeves for the next studio session. Anyways we will play these two new kick-ass tunes live at Tracon for the first time. We'll shoot some video as soon as we can and release the new stuff into the wild.

A photo posted by Ana KARMIA (@anakarmia) on

A photo posted by Ana KARMIA (@anakarmia) on


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